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Wireless Internet

We provide high-speed wireless internet services to a range of areas, including South Canyon Country Estates, Canyon Springs Preserve, Miller Flats, and their environments.




Speeds: 20/10




Speeds: 40/20




Speeds: 60/30

Our internet service is seamlessly provided to your residence through a compact wireless dish that is installed on the exterior of your home.
Similar to standard cable companies, we then choose a location to route the ethernet cable into the home from the exterior, and ultimately to the location of your choosing for the modem/router to reside in your home. This enables you to immediately connect to our high-speed internet service.
Our team takes great care to ensure the installation process is both efficient and weather-resistant, providing you with reliable and seamless internet connectivity.

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SonTech Wireless Coverage Area

Disclaimer. This is an approximation; availability of service is not guaranteed within the area. Service availability depends on tower access point line- of-site. Geography, trees, and other obstructions can hinder service availability. Although unlikely, service for areas outside the indicated zone is possible.

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