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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality products and services using technology solutions that meet the needs of the people we serve, and to glorify God by being a faithful steward of all that has been entrusted to us.

SonTech building with a upfitted vehicle in front.

Our Team

Jason graduated from the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 2002 and started his company, Sonnel Technologies (SonTech), soon after. He began by installing car starters and cell phone boosters and worked his way into subcontracting with Western Communications where he designed and implemented a large-scale Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) network, including tower infrastructure as well as the installation of over 500 homes. From there he added emergency vehicle upfitting to the services he offered and began installing emergency lights, sirens, camera systems, and anything else needed into police vehicles for the Rapid City Police Department, and eventually numerous other agencies. From there he went on to help various campgrounds with Wi-Fi systems. While keeping all of this going, he was presented with an opportunity to start a WISP of his own in an area where most of the communities were unable to obtain reliable internet. After months of building a plan and installing several pieces of equipment on an 80 foot tower, he was able to provide high-speed internet to these communities. In the midst of all of this he has been involved in numerous large deployments of surveillance systems, Wi-Fi systems and network infrastructure, and countless other low-voltage electronic ventures.

PJ has worked as an Emergency Vehicle Technician for SonTech since February of 2017. His primary tasks include installing emergency lights, sirens, camera systems, prisoner containment systems, computer systems, and radio communication devices into emergency vehicles for various agencies. His responsibilities require extreme attention to detail and care to ensure installations are compliant with airbag deployment as well as other factory safety features in each vehicle. In addition to emergency vehicle upfitting, PJ has also helped with the installation and programming of Wi-Fi networks, surveillance systems, and WISP equipment. 

Justin has worked as an Installation Technician for SonTech since July of 2017. His primary duty is to oversee operations of the WISP tower. He’s installed hundreds of WISP apparatuses including wireless internet dishes, microtowers, and even the primary equipment at the peak of the 80-foot tower. Justin also assists the other departments of SonTech with programming and installation of surveillance, networking, cellular network amplifier, and emergency vehicle equipment.

Axel has worked as an Installation Technician for SonTech since November of 2018. He has led many projects involving various company networks that range from small residential projects to large deployments such as RV parks, hotels, military bases, and more. He has been faced with many challenging projects that have involved upgrading network infrastructure in older buildings that were built before the internet existed. These types of projects have often made it difficult to find easy routes for running cable, especially when network racks are placed in unusual places such as converted closets or cabinets. However, Axel has a knack for getting around these types of obstacles and finding ways to make everything work well.