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Security Systems

SonTech offers two variations of security systems: Camera systems and Access Control systems. These can either be standalone or integrated together.

Security cameras

Access control system are systems that help prevent unauthorized access to a particular area. This is generally done by having key card readers and sensors to tell if doors are open or not. These can be as simple as arming doors of your business at the end of day or as complex as multiple biometrics and cards required to enter a restricted areas.

Access control system

There are many options for security camera systems from 2k to 4k resolutions, fisheyes, and PTZs. Cameras are generally used for either recording events for later review (typically with preventing crime or providing evidence) or for situational awareness. This means some one can watch what is going on right now and respond. Some examples are watching the line at the cash register to see if more employees are needed there or for watching when the delivery truck arrives so some one can meet it.

Even better than alone is having an integrated camera and access control system. These means when a door is forced open or an alarm sounds, you can quickly view the corresponding footage either real time or later.

Need access control, security systems, or both?